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Importance of session recording

Today, I would like to write about recording of the session that I've been asking to my clients who come to my session based on what I received from my client as her feedback.

There are some many symbols and words used to express them that we all tend to pay attention only to some aspects of them.  Why does it happen?  It is due to our mind which tends to select only the information we want to hear at that moment, or only those themes we can handle at that moment of our life. 

My demand to record the session does not mean that I deem whatever I say or think to be too importat or the untimate truth. No, what I am certain of is that in a session the natal chart, YOUR natal chart is speaking to your heart and that it is actually your unconscious expression through the symbols of astrology, and then, my mission is to translate to you what your soul is trying to communicate to you. It only needs some time to make itself clear and listening to the recording several times to let in happen, to let you mind recognize what your soul is trying to tell you.

Thank you,




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