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Message from Xavier

2019年4月16日 香港滞在中のザビエからメッセージが届きましたので、ぜひご覧ください。日本語訳は、画像画面の下に記載させていただきまs。




2019年4月16日 香港にて


So glad to talk to you. And I wanted to talk little bit about next workshop concerning the Little Prince which is a workshop we already did some years ago. It’s the theme I love, the theme that I somehow have been involved since my early youth and ever since the first time I thought it was a pity that I couldn’t share it with more people but it was a good experience because what I discovered was that Japanese people were very open to this theme of Little Prince.

First, many people in Japan have read it or know about it, so the dimension Little Prince conveys is a sort of angels or a sort of a god and at the same time he’s a child and he conveys so many essential symbols. And his message and teaching are so clear that I think at this moment with all the difficulties in our culture and contemporary world going through, this is the message of love and wisdom and at the same time the realistic, because the Little Prince doesn’t escape from hardships and a tough reality. He just teaches us how we can go through it in best possible way through love and hope. I was also taught in that workshop that the symbol of Little Prince, the Kanji which makes it clear Westerners miss out. Because our system is flat in that way. So I just invite you to share with my experience. Thank you very much and see you soon!

Xavier Betancourt

in Hong Kong on April 16, 2019



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